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I buy used cars even without a swap provided they are in good condition, after evaluation at the headquarters of Milan, contact our Staff, because we are in the sector for over 50 years and we can give you the opportunity to receive an accurate estimate of your four Wheels.

After valuation buy used cars in Milan

Getting an assessment of your car at us is easy! Autoasiago is fast in the appraisals, in fact it takes only 30 minutes to fully understand an exact estimate of your automobile, a salon manager will carry out the checks necessary for the correct bid.
  • Current market conditions for the used

The trends of national sales, crossed with the trend of the market of Milan and province, also linked to the type of clientele we usually serve, give us a starting point to consider, which is also an additional guarantee for the right assessment On your vehicle.
  • Control your car

We will examine the condition of your car both inside and out, bearing in mind that minor imperfections usually do not affect our offers, the most important defects such as damage to the frame or the malfunction of the engine will affect the assessment.

  • The road test of your used car

Obviously, we will have to see if brakes and gears are running (by the way) before bidding and if there are any necessary repairs, we can modify our offer appropriately to prevent your car from losing too much Value.

  • History Report of your vehicle

History is a snapshot of the past of your car and an important part in determining the final bid.

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